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KO Consultations Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: "I can't afford a whole course right now, do you offer payment plans?"

A: Yes! When you check out, there is an option for Manual payment. When you email, we will send you the payment plan details.


Q: "Does KO Consultations offer any free resources?"
A: Yes! Check out our blog for free industry tips for navigating the entertainment industry.

Q: "Will KO Consultations be offering any more courses in the future?"
A: Yes! KO Consultations is quickly expanding. KO Consultations is estimated to start offering courses in other fine arts fields starting late summer. Subscribe to our email list so you will be the first to know!

Q: "Is KO Consultations affiliated with any casting companies in the DMV?"

A: No. While the owner of KO Consultations has worked with a variety of casting companies in the DMV, NY and LA. KO Consultations is a completely independent organization.

Q: What makes your courses different than other acting classes?

A: Here we focus on teaching you how to navigate the entertainment and fine arts industry with confidence taught by entertainment professionals who have a unique perspective and work history (ie Kylie's history as both a classically trained actor and TV Casting member). We also teach some acting technique taught by active entertainment professionals with BA's or BFA's in theatre.

Having a young professional who actively works in entertainment helping you navigate the industry means you will be getting the most Up-to-date information on all the industry trends and strategies.


Q: "What is the KO Consultations Mission Statement?"
A: Providing affordable education for Artists, taught by young professionals who are a part of the industry. Using our platform to bring light,  to encourage artists to embrace the most authentic versions of themselves as they pursue their professional career.

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