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A little about KO Consultations

Hi there! If you are new to KO Consultations or have seen our blog posts but don't really know who we are or what we're all about, I'm here to share!

First off, I'm Kylie, I'm the owner and founder of KO Consultations. I grew up as a classically trained vocalist and theatre actress and even have my BA in theatre from Loyola Marymount University! During my time at LMU, I had the opportunity to explore the casting and talent management fields with some incredibly talented casting/managing teams.

Shortly after graduating, I moved to the DMV (DC/MD/VA) area with no real idea of what would happen next. I did some freelance acting in the area and then started working as a casting assistant for background television and principal commercial projects.

Overtime, I started noticing the need for valuable arts education options in the area that covered BOTH technique and the business side of the industry. Thus began the creation of KO Consultations.

KO Consultations initially started as a program that catered only towards actors and the business of the acting field, however, I'm so excited to announce we not only cater technique and business coaching to actors, but also NIL Athletes, Singers and Dancers!

Our coaching style is unique. We are all actively involved in the entertainment industry through a variety of outlets which means our industry knowledge is current and up to date. As professionals, that happen to have degrees in our fields from competitive universities, we also are passionate about sharing our knowledge to as many aspiring artists as we can. We are also familiar with a variety of markets, so if one of your goals is to be an entertainment professional in LA, NY, DMV or elsewhere let us know!

(Photos L-R: Kylie (Actor/Athlete consultant), Arianna (Dancer Consultant), Celia (Singing Consultant)

We provide courses taught by entertainment professionals who are actively involved in the entertainment industry. Which means that they are up to date on all the industry standards in their field.

We also teach BOTH the business of having a professional entertainment career in your chosen field, but also fundamental techniques whether you are a dancer, actor, singer or overall artist to help you THRIVE in this field!

Our mission is to train artists at a valuable cost who are self-sufficient and driven for a lifelong career in entertainment.

Sounds like a fun school to you?

Check out what services we offer and find one that will take you to the next step of your career!

That's all for now,

Kylie Olsen

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