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A reminder to keep going...

Hi friend, just a friendly reminder that your acting career is a life-long marathon. It is not something that will be accomplished in a short range of time. That being said, dig your heels in and keep pursuing.

I believe that it truly is important to remember your roots and beginnings, they help keep you grounded and overall shape the unique artist that you are.

As a little bit of inspiration, here are a few humble beginnings of A-list actors:

(Full article here)

Terry Crews: Was a courtroom sketch artist

Hugh Jackman: Party Clown and PE Teacher.

Margot Robbie: Subway Sandwich artist


These are just a couple of small examples but its a great reminder that your path is your own. You don't have to take the same classes as so-n-so actor and you don't have to follow exactly one path out of inspiration for someone else's career.

While being inspired by amazing artists and wanting a similar career path is valuable, just remember that your path is your own.

So, fellow artist, keep moving, keep striving.

That is all for now,


KO Consultations

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