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A Secret for on-set etiquette

Working on set is SO exciting! However, certain attitudes on set keep people from working again.

During my time working in background casting and as an actor, I've seen attitudes on set that range across the board.

Truth be told, how you treat everyone matters. It doesn't matter if they are a PA, AD, Director, Actor, ect.

It. All. Matters.


Well, besides being a decent human being, Casting is notified frequently of behaviors on set. And it does add an impact if you will be cast again by the production or even the casting company itself.

So, for example, if you are tired and frustrated and happen to lash out to a PA on set, depending on their demeanor, that information is quickly relayed to the Casting team via text/email or even a call if the interaction was particularly nasty.

Now, if there is an issue or concern that you have in regards to time, payment, safety, etc, it is absolutely OK to ask those questions.

But just take a minute and put yourself in their shoes. If you are working background (for example), you may have one or a few 12+ hour days, but the ENTIRE CREW you are working with has those long of days for 6+ months. Just to provide some perspective.

I understand that this post may seem self-explanatory, but there have been many situations where actors have been treating crew disrespectfully and Casting are the ones notified about it.

So, be yourself, be respectful, be empathetic and ALWAYS listen to direction.

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That's all for now,


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