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Tips to Ace your Audition

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

Tips and tricks from someone who has been on both sides of the table!

Personally, I've always found auditions to be nerve wracking. It seemed like no matter how much I prepared or how little I prepared, I would always feel insecure in the room as an actor.

Here are some tips and tricks to give you confidence in your performance abilities.

  1. Book with KO Consultations Self Tapes and Virtual Auditions to work on a variety of mock auditions whether they are for commercial, film, tv or theatre. Book here

  2. If you have the option to select your own material, (ie most theatre auditions), pick something that you relate to on a personal level.

  3. Find a way to move during the audition, even if it is simply stepping forward without going over where you are slated to stand. It can help you be more present and grounded in the moment.

  4. Know. How. To. Slate. This is so important. Your slate gives the casting team a chance to get to know you as a person.

  5. Know that the audition starts as soon as the door opens/zoom room opens and you walk into the room. Up until you start the monologue/sides the casting team is getting to know you.

  6. Practice deep breathing before you enter the audition room. This will help you feel more grounded, and help warm up your voice and body which may be tense otherwise.

  7. Scale your audition down (for the virtual platform), you are only reaching the other side of the camera, not performing for a real room or full theatre.

  8. Have someone with you to help with self tapes or with audition preparation. KO Consultations offers the role as a Reader for sides or audition feedback for your self tapes. Book here

  9. Prepare for the audition, this sounds self-explanatory, but don't wing it! Take the time to prepare and understand the material. However, don't spend so much time on the material that you cannot be present in the moment. So, prepare and be present.

  10. Finally, be nice and polite to everyone giving you the opportunity to audition. Whether they are a PA, Casting Director or Producer, they are all human. They will take note of how you treat them.

KO Consultations Actor's Book for the week: The Actor's Life by Jenna Fischer

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