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Achieving the Actor Lifestyle

Catchy Title, right?

Well, in all honesty, MOST of an actor's career is AUDITIONING.

Now, if you just read that and said "No but so-and-so A Lister is offer only", ummmm yeah, because they spent YEARS auditioning.

Being an actor is more about money, fame, IMDB credits or having the bragging right that you get to play-pretend for a living.

In fact, reasons like money and fame are wrong reasons to pursue this path because what will you do even if you are a credible actor but not the networth you desired??

Being an actor requires thick skin, it's a numbers game of mostly falling down, and then getting back up again to do another self tape.

That being said, it's important to analyze WHY you want to be an actor.

Do you love to perform? Do you love to tell stories in a variety of mediums? Do you feel called to be creative?


Having reason more than money and fame is SO important when deciding if you are going to be an actor because... truthfully, the number may never satisfy you.

Now, Back to the actor's lifestyle:

- Submitting to Audition constantly and constantly making connections

- Become a GREAT Auditioner (check out this auditioning blog here!)

-Finding any outlet to create, even writing your own work!

-Taking classes and private coaching (If you want to coach with me, check out my courses here)

- Know that you are playing the LONG GAME. An acting career will not happen overnight.

-Have a community of creatives to confide in and to lift each other up.

(That being said, these are just a FEW of the ingredients to an actors lifestyle, but they are still important!)

As mentioned earlier, an actor's journey is lifelong, just look at Jamie Lee Curtis who won her first Oscar just a couple of days ago at 64 years old!

Surround yourself with good people, work hard and don't give up because the journey is worth it.

KO Consultations is here to provide community and coaching to fellow creatives. If you want to learn more email us at : )

That's all for now,


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