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Actors Who Chase Opportunity

Updated: May 23

This is something that I often talk to my actors about. While yes, there are many ways to chase opportunity in your acting career there are some more finite things to think about while pursuing your career:

  1. Free Work: When you are just starting out, acting for free in a student film, a testimonial and so much more is a great way to get started! You can use that work to build a reel, make meaningful connections and practice your craft in a practical way. Eventually, you will have to decide when you feel your resume has grown enough that you should only pursue paid work, free experiences on set can be monumental to an actor's development!

  2. Boundaries: Creating your personal boundaries of what you will or will not do on camera or on stage is for you and you alone. These boundaries are different for everyone and will help you maintain your sense of self even when pursuing a lifelong career.

  3. Create Connections: I simply cannot emphasize this enough. Making genuine connections with people can be a huge game-changer in your career, not to mention the Entertainment industry can feel like a lonely place, so it helps to have some people to confide in and even learn from! A recent podcast that I've been loving has been "A Better Way to Say" and it dives deep into the art of conversation and connection! This podcast host can also help you present yourself with her Capsule Wardrobe fashion blog, The Elegance Edit.

  4. Make a plan before you quit your day job: This is so important for your finances and your emotional and mental health! Create a budget, decide how much you want saved before you start pursuing this full time or before you only work a day job part time. EveryDollar is a great app that I use that helps me flesh out my finances so I can be confident in the financial decisions that I make, especially when income is inconsistent in the Freelancing field.

That being said pursuing opportunities in this field is about more than just taking any job offered or only picking paid work when you are starting out.

Honor your boundaries. Create Genuine connections. Being willing to work for free when you're just starting out. And make a plan before quitting your day job to protect your financial future.

Interested in working with me to train in depth both the technical side and business side of acting? Well, lucky for you! A few spots have just opened up in my Dreamers --> Qualified course where you will receive the same level of education that I did while I was getting my degree in theatre. Additionally, you will receive professional feedback and insight from myself who has worked in both casting and talent management.

Looking forward to working with you and as always,

That's all for now!


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