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Audition Tips from the perspective of BOTH sides of the table

Hi friends! I know Auditions can be absolutely nerve wracking. Here are some tips that can help you feel at east when you audition

First, take a deep breath. And another, and another.

The casting department wants you to win! They are not against you. Also, here is a secret, they are also nervous. They have to provide the right person for whatever show they are casting for. That can be a pretty daunting challenge!

But they are not against you, they are in the audition room to not only get to know you as an actor, but also as a person --> which leads to my next point.

Choose material that is specific to you and what you are auditioning for

If you have the option to audition with a monologue for the casting department, choose something that you relate to. If you are a identifying as a 30 year old caucasian female, we don't need you to read the monologue of a 70 year old. However, if the show is all senior citizens, that may be an option!

I'd encourage that you avoid looking up "Top 10 monologues to audition with". I can almost guarantee the casting table has heard them a thousand times.

There are a lot of resources out there to help you find monologues that are unique. One of my personal favorite resources is Play, they have a library of unique plays that are often written by famous playwrights including: Lauren Gunderson and Qui Nguyen.

Another tip would be to use resources to read lots of plays! Read famous plays but also unknown authors from Playscripts and beyond. Get an idea of what kind of characters are in these plays.

Know your type

A big part of acting, while yes, it is taking on different roles, it is ALSO being self aware and knowing what type of roles you typically cast as.

Ask your friends, family and colleagues, do they see you as both on your physicality and personality:

  • The quirky friend

  • The Antagonist

  • The Hero

  • The mother, father etc.

While this is a really basic list, watch plays and films and see what characters you can identify with. Bringing a piece that shows you know what your type is will stand out to your casting department!

Of course, it is also important to grow your craft with pieces that push you outside your comfort zone, however, knowing your type is key to get your foot in the door!

Looking to learn more?

Good news! We can teach you more about submitting yourself for projects and your type here

OR if your passion is theatre, learn about your type here

KO Consultations Actor's read for the week: Confessions of a Casting Director by Jen Rudin

Thanks for stopping in!


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