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Finding your Niche (part 1)

A wise acting teacher once told me that "to have a successful acting career you need to learn how to build a canoe".

Now on the surface, this is pretty odd advice, but essentially it means that your experiences and skills can help you become the well-rounded actor that you are meant to be.

Of course, in our previous blogs, we've discussed knowing your "type-cast" and how that benefits your acting career.... but this covers a different perspective based on what you, yourself are interested in.

Growing up, I was terrified of learning new hobbies that took me outside my desired career path in the industry. I was afraid that somehow it would drive me away from the industry. However, I'm so thankful that my parents still had me try a variety of hobbies and skills. Because of it, I've gotten to be a part of so many more opportunities some, because of those special skills.

Here's a gallery below of some of the opportunities I've been given because I explored other areas I chose to explore including:

* Being a huge fan of the American Version of The Office

* Unarmed and Broadsword stage combat experience

* Experience playing soccer

*Experience understanding Shakespeare text

*Knowing how to knit

And SO much more!

In the book, The Artist's Way, Julia Cameron Says it best. She encourages artists to pursue whatever peaks their curiosity. If you are interested in reading more about exploring your artistry, check out her book here.

So, in this next year, I encourage you, branch out, find some hobbies because who knows, it may just be what gives you the sharper edge for your next starring role.

Now, if you are interested in growing as an actor either in the business or technical side, make sure to check out all of our actor services! And if you want to branch out in the new year, check out our dance courses!

That's all for now,

Kylie Olsen

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