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Finding your niche (part 2)

Hello hello hello, so assuming that you read Finding your niche Part 1 (if not, check it out here) this is the chance to dive into part 2!

This is to help you as an actor identify what possible medium you want to work in. Now, keep in mind, that they best thing you can do as an actor is say "YES" (obviously within moral and logical reasoning).

But are you interested in commercial work, theatre, theme parks, cruise lines, Voiceover, Film or TV? Let's break some of these down!

Commercial work: This may be a great fit for you if you want the opportunity to be on a variety of different types of sets or if you are interested in brand content work. Commercial work can be minimal travel commitment as well, traveling for a day or only a week at a time rather than filming a show or feature for many months. Commercial work is all about selling the brand, so the more friendly and approachable you can be on camera (unless told otherwise) the better off you will be!

Theatre: Do you love diving into a character for months and performing for a live audience? Maybe Theatre is the right fit for you! While it may not always be the highest paying field, there are so many opportunities from Regional, Off-Broadway, Broadway, Touring, Community, and Educational theatre where you can grow your craft and make a career in a beautiful art form.

Theme Parks: Are you an avid dancer or a fan of a particular fandom like Disney or Universal? Working as an Entertainer in a theme park may be the perfect fit for you! Getting the opportunity to bring a smile on park-goers faces daily while your character is the highlight of their trip is what excites so many entertainers about theme park roles! They also often receive great Theme Park benefits!

Cruise Lines: Similar to theatre and theme parks, getting to perform for live audiences while on the high seas is a thrill for many! Not to mention, you can travel the world while (often) your room and board are covered.

Voiceover: Are you great at impressions and have an interested vocal quality? Maybe voice acting is the best pick for you! Voice acting can be a great opportunity and sometimes you can even do it from home!

Film/TV: Are you wanting to be seen on the screen? While it is a different acting style than theatre, you still have the opportunity to embrace one character for months at a time. And Film/TV actor opportunities are rapidly growing outside traditional NY/LA, so don't be discouraged if you live in a different region!

In the end, as mentioned above, it's best to be open to all of them.... BUT it doesn't hurt to have one main path or direction for your field. No matter which one you are interested in... here are some of the next steps:

  1. Train and learn.

  2. Try and fail and Try again.

  3. Network Network Network.

  4. Keep growing and keep learning

If you are interested in pursuing Theatre, Film/TV or Commercial check out my actor courses! If you are interested in dancing for a cruise line or theme park, check out our dancer courses!

Keep putting in the work, and the work will follow.

That's all for now.


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