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Growing into your career

Recently, I interviewed a guest on my Podcast (Survive This Crit- feel free to check out, totally different content than KO Consultations stuff!) and she brought some great points into growing a content or marketing career. While this blog doesn't focus on marketing or content creation per say, there are a lot of things that she said that apply to actors as well!

  1. Consistency: While the context of this in the podcast was content creation, that still applies to actors. Continue moving your actor muscles! Whether you post videos of yourself online or get involved in community theatre, there are opportunities to consistently practice acting.

  2. Finding your Unique voice: I've talked a little about this in the "Finding your niche" actor series in the blog, but it's important to remember that while you may look or sound like other actors, your memories and experiences are different! Let that fuel you into discovering your unique voice.

  3. Learn your craft: Invest in yourself by taking courses, reading books, listening to podcasts, there are a TON of sources out there that can help you learn and grow as an actor!

  4. Don't forget to DO: Sometimes it gets easy to sit on the sidelines and spend so much time in books, classes, or even podcasts that you "forget" to start putting yourself out there! So, go and do the thing! Submit for jobs and also learn as you go!

  5. 10 thousand hours: While this wasn't mentioned in the interview, I think its important to mention that no one is a "master" of a certain skill until they've "logged 10,000 hours" as the old saying goes. While I personally believe that a lot of learning about acting is a lifelong journey, there is still value in dedicating time to your craft.

So, what are you waiting for? Which of these could you improve on?

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