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How much does it really cost to be an actor?

Hi friends, coming into 2023 with full transparency to help you make the BEST financial choices for your career this year!

This list will be just the absolute basics, we won't be going into healthcare or union fees in this blog.

First things first, we gotta create a pitch packet which means its time for your headshots, resume and reel to be created:

Headshots: This are the FIRST and LASTING impression that casting has of you. You have to make these count. Great Headshots often range from $200-500 + depending on how many looks, what photographer and where you are based.

Resume: Come on now, put it together yourself using microsoft or google. (Stay tuned for more resume tips on the blog soon!) $0

Reel: Now, if you don't have any experience on camera yet, that is ok! You can film yourself doing a couple of monologues or a scene with a friend. It's also important to film the special skills that you list on your resume! If you have a large body of work and you don't want to edit it yourself (which is also an option), demo reel editing companies can range anywhere from $75-150+

Classes: The average cost of classes often start at $45 per hour. Other sources including Backstage Blog says that classes can range anywhere from $150-2,000. Now, private coaching can cost anywhere from $50-300 per hour. So do your research on what type of class would be best for you before investing.

Actor Platforms: Some of the most reliable and popular casting platforms for professional casting companies are- Actors Access ($9.99/mo), IMDBPro ($19.99/mo), Casting Networks ($25.99/mo), Casting Frontier ($19.99/mo). Now depending on where you are based, you may not need all of these platforms, but it is good to be aware of what your options are!

*all data is gained directly from the websites listed.

Self-Tape Studio Setup: Depending on your space, this will look different for everyone! My blog about building a self tape setup is here

But I personally, using ONLY the essential materials from my own blog spent $112.98 4 years ago on my self tape setup and I can still use it today!

Now, looking at all those numbers, it may look a little jarring, intimidating even. But one of the best things that you can do to prepare yourself for your acting career is to create a budget and follow it. If you are a freelance actor, it's SO important to learn how to maintain a budget because your pay will most likely fluctuate month to month unless you are also working another job. Sooooo, to round this out, here are some of my favorite budgeting apps:

EveryDollar App - Great option for creating and maintaining a zero base budget. ($12.99/mo)

Mint Budgeting- While there are less customization options, there are still great ways to track what comes in and out of your bank accounts. ($4.99/mo)

As an actor, it's still so important to be wise with your finances. So be aware of what the costs are, plan for it, and make those actor dreams come true!

Do you want to learn more about the business and creative side of your acting career? Check out the courses that Kylie offers for actors!

That's all for now,


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