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How to avoid Scam Casting Calls

Scam Casting calls or even job interviews are more common than we would like to admit... What are some of the tell tale signs to avoid these casting calls?

First, if you would like to learn more about specifically navigating casting calls in your region or learning how to submit yourself to work, sign up for our DMV Casting Calls Course!

Some clear signs that a casting call is a scam:

  1. They are asking for money for you to audition (Please note: this is outside of you submitting an audition on a platform like Actors Access that require a membership of audition fee).

  2. They are promising to pay you in advance.

  3. The Audition location is someone's home or hotel room.

  4. They are asking you to pay for your own travel, clothes, etc.

  5. They have strange email addresses that often includes () and special characters.

  6. You cannot search any past work they've done.

  7. They are casting speaking roles without any sort of audition.

  8. They are vague about the filming or audition location.

  9. They are promising that you will earn a lot of money each day with no previous experience.

  10. Their casting calls have bad grammar or broken English.

  11. Avoid casting calls that appear in places like Craigslist and even be wary of ones that appear on social media.

How you should communicate:

  1. Document everything: take screenshots, save messages etc.

  2. Research the company, see if they are a green company (new to entertainment) or a Scam.

  3. Ask questions and clarify if the information given does not make sense.

  4. Do NOT give any money or fee.

  5. If proven a scam, report the casting call on whatever platform it is placed on.

That being said, be cautious, but keep pursing casting calls and opportunities to grow your craft!

That's all for now,


KO Consultations

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