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How to be an actor and *NOT* Break the Bank

Ok, Ok, Ok, Let's be real, it can be e x p e n s i v e to be an actor. There are so many financial needs whether that is your union dues, price for headshots, casting subscriptions, fees for maintaining your website and reel etc!

So, let's talk about some options to help you reach a more pleasant place financially in your career.

  1. Build your own self tape studio. Seriously, if you are going to a self-taping service every time you have to do a self-tape, it really adds up. As an actor you need to be self sufficient, so build your own studio! That way you can schedule your self tapings around your schedule. If you haven't read our blog on building a self-tape studio, give it a read here!

  2. Decide what Casting Platforms are really benefiting your career, and find some free alternatives: While paying something for casting platforms like Actors Access or Casting Networks is a necessary evil, I've talked to so many clients who are paying for 5-6 platforms! You truthfully don't need that many! Especially if you do your research and see what options are in your area for free. For example, state film office websites often post casting calls as well as following individual casting companies on Facebook and Instagram who also occasionally post content! Depending on your market, there may also be a specific casting platform that is completely FREE depending on your region. (For example, DragonUKConnects in the DC/MD/VA and PA areas!!!)

  3. Use the KO Consultations Payment Plan: KO Consultations is alllll about bringing you the education, at an affordable cost. So, talk to us about payment plans! We are here to help provide an option that is affordable. Learn more about KO Consultations here.

  4. Headshots are an investment: Headshots are one of those things that are a) necessary and b) need to be taken by a Headshot professional. So yes, while they can be expensive, it will be worth it given that it is a primary factor in getting you auditions and jobs!

  5. Create a Linktree: I seriously LOVE Linktree. It is a great platform to store all of your links and its completely free! So that means you can cleanly include your headshots, resume, reel and even an actor's website on the link. This Linktree can be included in the Signature of your emails, your social media profiles, etc!

  6. Edit your Reel: Now, this is a tricky one. If you are somewhat tech savvy, save yourself a couple hundred bucks and edit your reel using free movie editing software like iMovie. Since you are most likely editing your self-tapes already, this is just another step to be self-sufficient!

  7. Consider FiCore: Now this one will cause some fights on the interwebs, but depending on the market you are living and working in, there is a MUCH larger percentage of Nonunion jobs to SAG AFTRA jobs. Joining as a member of SAG-FiCore still requires you to pay the SAG AFTRA dues, however you are able to work both SAG AFTRA and Non- SAG AFTRA jobs. Again, a big part of this depends on the market you live and work in!

  8. Monthly Agent fees: This is a hard pill to swallow for some. But if you are represented by an agent or manager. You should not be paying them a monthly fee. Traditionally, Agents and Managers do NOT make money until you do. That being said, check your agent contracts and check in with your agent. Communicate clearly and make sure you are being treated respectfully. Another note with that, sometimes agents and managers will charge a small fee when you first sign to cover adding you to their sites and casting platforms. But no agent should be charging you $500 a month.

Now, I fully recognize that not all these ideas will work for you, but if there is ONE change from this list that you can make, make it TODAY! Your future self will thank you!

Wanting to learn more about The Business of Acting? Book with Kylie today!

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That's all for now,


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