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How to create a path for your actor goals

As the year is coming to a close, it's getting time for all of use to reevaluate and create new goals for the New Year.

And, I know based on my own experience and experience talking to other actors that it's easy to get lost in your own goals and ambitions as actor. But, I'm here to help!

While you may have some large hard or soft goals (more on that in a bit), finding the path to actually get there, can seem impossible. But you know what the letters "impossible" spell out to be? I'M POSSIBLE. So, while it isn't grammatically correct, it should be a reminder that no matter how "out there" your goals seem, they are POSSIBLE.

Now, onto the tips.

1. Determine a variety of soft or hard goals. Having both is important because you want examples of the exterior progress of your acting career (hard goals) as well as the interior progress of your acting career (soft goals).

To me, HARD goals are something that is a goal that you can physically show or put on your resume. For example, having a speaking line in a commercial.

To me, SOFT goals are goals that have to do more with the craft of acting itself. For example, having more emotional connections with the characters you are playing. So, soft goals are not "soft" because they are easy, it's because they are typically only measurable by YOUR standard.

2. Have Short term (1-3 months), Midterm (3-6 months), and Long term (6 months- 1+ year) goals. Having goals that take a variety of time to complete is helpful because you will feel accomplished along the way. It is also wise to find ways to connect the short, midterm, and long term goals so you can clearly identify where you are at in the progress of your goals.

3. Create clear steps to reach those goals. For example, is a goal of yours to get an agent or manager? Well, there are steps to get there, including creating a pitch packet to share with said agent or manager. The steps will help outline each goal in a tangible and clear way.

Now, if you want to sit with a professional and lay out all your goals and have assistance putting them together, make sure to book with Kylie today in her Career Roadmap Consulting session!

That's all for now,


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