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How to start modeling....

Modeling, similar to an acting career has some similarities. While I do not have runway modeling experience, I do have some print experience! So here is a step by step on how to get started.

Please note: the commercial industry is changing. Now, a lot of casting calls now that are primarily video footage are also print shoots that have a photographer on set for social media and print jobs.

  1. Get digitials and headshots taken: Here's a basic example from Google of modeling digitals. A headshot is also important!

2. Create a portfolio: There are tons of online groups that have photographers that will do a free shoot with you to help build their portfolio as well. BUT, beware of Scams! Make sure to ask for their previous work first to see if they will be someone that you are interested in working with. Having a chance to build a portfolio will allow you to play on set and see what types of poses create the best products.

3. Be measured by a tailor: Accurate sizes are so important in the modeling industry. Some agents and jobs have a variety of height and size requirements. Make sure you are honest and clear in your submissions.

4. Start self-submitting to modeling/commercial jobs: There are a ton of platforms available for actors to submit to jobs for FREE (a great example is Dragonukconnects for my Mid-atlantic audience). Additionally, a lot of local casting companies and marketing companies will post their casting calls on Facebook or their professional websites. (Again, always be on the lookout for Scam Casting calls. Learn more about the telltale signs of a scam casting call here)

5. Have a Social Media presence: While this isn't certainly a dealbreaker if you don't, it can help you. Some commercial/modeling casting calls cast partially based off of how many followers you have on accounts like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or Tik Tok knowing that your followers will be interested in the product or brand you may create content with.

6. Having schedule flexibility: Until you have an agent booking jobs for you, you need to have a flexible enough schedule to say "yes" to jobs and not turn down jobs last minute after booking them. However, saying "no" to jobs that protect your boundaries is ok AND important.

(featuring one of my portfolio shots from last year! Photographed by Tori Lynn Photography)

The commercial industry is booming with more opportunities for modeling/commercial work and more! So get started : ) Your artist career is not linear and that is ok!

Do you want to learn more about the business of acting? Book with Kylie today!

That's all for now,


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