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How to use Social Media To your advantage (As An actor)

Social Media can be a developmental part of creating an online presence for yourself.

Depending on the role, sometimes Casting will take into account how many followers you have. Some streaming platforms have been taking advantage of using Tik Tok and Instagram influencers for marketing purposes. Outside of that, sometimes it is a good way to double check and make sure the actor submitting is a real person.

Here are some ways to make your social media accounts stand out:

  1. Include a catchy bio with your name! (Stage Name if you always submit to projects with the same name)

  2. Make sure the account is a business account, that way you can have an email on your page for casting or recruiters to reach out to. (Note: This doesn't happen often. However with certain types of commercials or roles that are extremely specific, casting may use social media marketing techniques with their account or even reach out to actors and ask them to audition.)

  3. Make sure to include a Linktree so casting, recruiters or even your followers can see your headshot, resume and reel!

  4. Use the fun part of accounts like Tik Tok and Instagram to your advantage. These platforms do frequently have "actor challenges" and other actor prompts in their reels/video sections, this can help grow your target audience and create more of a following or viewing.

  5. Be Yourself! Show the world your quirks, hobbies and passions. Use your actor account to show that you are also a well-rounded person.

  6. Use a few hashtags that that are specifically targeted to your audience.

  7. Know your audience. Is this account to connect with other actors or is it to showcase your talent for casting professionals? Or is it both?!

  8. Follow Casting Directors and Networks that you admire. Sometimes, large casting directors send out open casting calls via instagram or tik tok if its a very specific role.

That is all for now!

Kylie Olsen

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