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Let's Talk Entertainment Career Fields

So, for those of you who attended the July KO Consultations Q&A / Networking event. We talked a lot about some of the great opportunities and avenues to explore as an artist.

While, yes, acting, dancing, singing etc may be your main priority, there are a lot of other ways to get your content out there!

The primary purpose of a lot of these roles is to network. Create genuine connections that can open further doors in your career as an actor!

For example, if your passion is theatre, most local theatres need volunteer ushers to help make the audience comfortable. Not to mention, theatres often need backstage hands to help with cleaning things backstage or tearing down sets. Both of these positions open the door for you to Network with the actors, director, stage manager etc.

One example of this that I love is from Jenna Fischer's "The Actor's Life", she describes her life as a struggling actor in Los Angeles but observes that her friends took jobs at the theatre sweeping backstage, this opened opportunities and connections for her friends that she couldn't imagine. (book will be linked at the bottom!)

If your passion is film, there is always the opportunity to work as a Production Assistant. Don't get me wrong, the hours are long and hard with minimum wage but the experience of being on set is often worth it! Not to mention you can create genuine connections with actors, directors, filmmakers etc.

Another avenue is to always create content with your friends. In fact, another Jenna Fischer moment here: she was cast in The Office after creating Docu- style improv with her friends. Who knows how creating your own content will open doors!

Now if you are social media savvy, another option is to try to get work from influencer platforms (ie Upfluencer). While this isn't a guarantee, you can always submit your information on sites like these in the prospect of being chosen to represent the product on your social media channel.

Having a career in entertainment is a life-long gig. You may wear many hats throughout but that is something to be proud of! You will learn so much more by expanding your horizons rather than waiting for the phone to ring.

That's all for now,

Kylie Olsen

Actor's read of the Week: Jenna Fischer's The Actor's Life

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