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Top 6 Acting Courses in the DMV!

Here is a quick list to help you grow in your knowledge of the DC/MD/VA acting market for film, TV and Theatre!

This list is to encourage you to compare prices, locations and see which works best for you!

  1. KO Consultations: Offers a variety of affordable courses including audition preparation, theatre coaching, Film/TV casting call preparation and agency advisement. These courses are all virtual and one on one focusing on the trending practice of virtual auditions and self tapes! For more info:

  2. The Actors Center: Primarily in person, group acting classes in Washington DC for theatre, film and TV, works with specific acting styles from Shakespeare to dialects and more! For more info:

  3. The Theatre Lab: Offers both virtual and in person courses in Washington DC for Theatre classes, Voiceover, playwriting, directing and more! Has good opportunities for youth and adults. For more info:

  4. Studio Actors Conservatory: Offers a variety of technical actors courses based in Washington DC with virtual or in person options with movement, portraying emotion, audition prep. For more info:

  5. Stage & Screen Studios: Offers affordable virtual or in person acting, singing, and music courses based in Maryland. Also offers courses to grow in the technical side of theatre and film! For more info:

  6. McKinnon Acting Studio: Private or group setting acting classes and audition tape services. Based in Laurel, MD. For more info:

Where to go from here?

Choose what is best for you and your current acting goals! Want to get a great overview of what there is in the DMV market? Check out KO Consultations and their DMV Casting Calls Course:

Wanting to fine tune a specific acting technique? The Studio Actors Conservatory may be for you!

Never stop learning, an Artist is never perfect but they are always learning.

So, let's learn together!

until next time,


KO Consultations

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