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NCAA Rules: NCAA Student- Athletes and NIL Athlete Brand Partnerships?!

As other articles have said, welcome to the "wild west". NCAA is now allowing Athletes to have brand representation through agents or working independently with other brand ambassadorship opportunities.

Basically, now you can make money off of your brand while still going to school. Not to mention, creating a name for yourself can open future doors with opportunities for professional play and contracts down the road.

However, there are still rules to be followed and strategies to approach being a represented athlete.

Here is a step by step to get you to monetize your Athletic Career:

1. Book with KO Consultations with the NCAA Athlete Representation Course to learn more about advertising yourself as a brand, brand opportunities with or without an agent, create a template to send to agents and receive a list of recommended agencies based on your preferences.


2. Talk to your school's legal team to verify that the agencies you are interested in are not going to create a conflict of interest with the NIL policies. (ie: some policies include making sure other athletes at your school are not represented by them or NIL rules that coincide with professional play. Especially if you are an international student, depending on your type of visa, you may only be able to pursue passive income).

3. Put in the work with the preparation from the NCAA Athlete Representation course to submit to those agencies or take advantage of the non-represented Brand opportunities!

3. When it comes time for your agency interview, book with KO Consultations with the NCAA Athlete Agency Interview Prep where you will practice mock questions that you will be asked and be given a list of questions that you can ask to see if that agent will be a good fit for your team!


4. The opportunities are endless! Let's make your dreams a reality!

"KO Consultations was amazing to work with. I am new to the industry so I had a lot of questions but Kylie helped me solve them all. She helped me to create a portfolio as well as other accounts to increase my brand visibility. Additionally, she helped me get connected and get job opportunities. "

- Cori Sullivan

Featured Picture: Cori Sullivan, University of Washington Athlete who took the NCAA agency courses from KO Consultations!

To see more of the brands she works with, check out her instagram!

That's all for now,


KO Consultations

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