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So you're changing Markets, now what? (Actors moving to....)

Moving to a new state can be an absolute struggle, BUT it doesn't have to be. I wanted to focus on my experience coming from Los Angeles to the DMV years ago, think of this as a bit of a "sequel" to my "Thinking of Changing Markets" blog post.

It is never easy moving across the country without a plan, trust me, I've done it multiple times now, so I hope you find this blog encouraging for whatever adventure you embark on next!

so, for actors moving to... (insert your city of choice here) follow along some of the steps that helped me out!

When I moved, I had the mindset of knowing what I wanted to do but not knowing how to get connected or even get an audition in my new stomping grounds. But here were a few things that made my experience successful and a great learning experience.

Getting a job: while working in the arts was my career, I initially needed something to get me started, you know, to help pay rent while looking for jobs in casting or acting as a freelancer. When it came to getting a job, I made sure to be very upfront with places that I interviewed that working in entertainment was my career path, of course this did not mean that I wouldn't be putting my 100% in my day job, but its to create an honest space for communication so when you do get acting jobs, you are able to do them!

- A couple of the jobs I had when I was first starting out: Walking dogs with Wag!, Being a Barista, being a nanny and more. Looking for jobs with flexible hours or the possibility to "switch shifts" as needed can create a lot of flexibility when you get acting jobs.

Get familiar with the market: I talk a lot about this in my Thinking of Changing Markets post. But having an understanding of what kind of acting jobs are available in your region as well as who is hiring for them is really important, especially if you are not in a huge market like New York or LA. I talk some about getting familiar and connected with Casting Directors and reliable casting platforms in my new virtual course "Pitch Packets 101" which brings me to my next point...

Have your materials Ready: Just because you are changing markets doesn't mean that you should come unprepared. I remember getting headshots done just a couple of months before I moved so that way, if there was work, there would be accurate photos that I could use to start booking jobs!

Don't be afraid to connect: Whether on social media or IRL, getting connected with like minded people who have similar goals can open up actor jobs, opportunities and even audition partners! (If you are in a pinch and need an audition buddy, check out my Audition Prep coaching session where I can be your reader and give you professional feedback in real time!)

One of the easiest ways to start making these connections is through social media groups that are dedicated to film or actors in your region. Not to mention, when you are on set, exchange business cards or facebook profiles so you can start to grow a network of like minded creatives.

Keep Learning: Acting is a muscle, so diving into group classes, private coaching (myself included) is a great way to find new ways to stretch the actor muscle. You can even practice recording yourself doing scenes, or actor exercises or even reading about great actors you admire! (Here is a list of my favorites here)

It's never easy moving or adjusting to a new city, but I want you to know that you are not alone! Change can often be intimidating, but the reward that comes from it is often SO much better than you could've imagined.

So, take this tips to heart, they are going to help set you up for success in your next city!

That's all for now,


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