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The Actor's Christmas List

Hello, hello and happy holiday season! It's the time of year where our loved ones may be asking what's on our Christmas list... so here it is: the ultimate Christmas list for actors!

Let's start with some fun stocking stuffers! (underlined text are links to product!)

  1. Personalized Nightlight Film Clap Board

  2. Personalized Marquee Ornament

  3. Actor's Workbook and Journal

  4. Funny Shakespeare Quote Mug

  5. Personalized Actor Nutrition T-shirt

Now for those who want gifts that can help them with their current actor goals:

1. Book a course with KOConsultations! (link Underlined)

2. Ask for new headshots with a professional headshot photographer

3. Ask for a gift card to buy tools for your home studio (ideas here)

For the readers:

If you are like me, you LOVE reading about how actors got their start in the field and relating to them through text here are some suggestions:

(underlined text are links to product!)

1. Jenna Fischer's The Actor's Life

2. The Office BFF's told by Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey

3. Leslie Odom Jr.'s Failing Up

4. Lauren Graham's Talking as Fast as I can

5. Lauren Graham's Have I told you this Already?

5. Leslie Jordan's How y'all doing?

6. Mindy Kaling's Why Not Me?

For the readers who like to expand their artistry through books... here are some suggestions!

  1. Jen Rubin's Confessions of a Casting Director

  2. Calleri and Cohen's Acting Professionally

  3. Julia Cameron's The Artist Way

  4. Chubbuck's The Power of the Actor

Now, for those who prefer to listen or watch their content...

Masterclass is a yearly subscription that rounds out to about $15/mo for unlimited online lessons with actors, writers, and so much more! (underlined text are links to product!)

That's all for now and have a happy holiday season!


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