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The Beginner Actor's Checklist

Updated: Jul 18

So, you're just getting started as an actor and you're wondering where to start, worry not! Here is a simple Beginner Actor's checklist to help you get started:

  1. Do your RESEARCH! (what type of content is in your area? A good way to start looking into this is by researching the casting companies that are local to you and observe what types of projects they cast)

  2. Make a budget of ALL your acting essentials! (Check out this KO Consultations blog where we researched essential costs for actors starting out)

  3. Take Classes (both intro to acting classes and private coaching is HUGE! And they both have benefits. Classes are a great way to build community. Private coaching is a great way to get intensive private coaching that just doesn't happen in a large class setting.)- Check out the KO Consultations acting courses to see what kinds of private coaching we offer!

  4. Find your actor community! This is huge because they will be there for you through the highs and lows. Whether you find an online collective or in person group. Find. Your. Tribe.

  5. Get Professional Headshots: This is crucial! Your headshot is the first thing that gets you noticed by casting and it can be the lasting impression. Headshots can be expensive so do your research in the area on who you want to photograph you. Additionally, take time to understand the "types" of roles that you want to be submitted for. To learn more about "type-casts" check out this KO Consultations Blog post here!

  6. Find Casting Platforms to submit to: While there are large casting platforms like CastingNetworks, Actors Access, IMDB Pro etc, it is beneficial to look into individual casting directors as well, especially for markets outside NY or LA.

Get to work! An Actor's journey is lifelong, so there will be highs and lows but it is WORTH IT.

If you would like to work with Kylie in private coaching make sure to check out

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