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The Right Fit (Actor Headshot edition!)

Hi everyone, thanks for taking a read on the latest blog for KO Consultations!

This blog is acting a bit like a "sequel" to our "The Right Fit" Blog.

What you wear can enhance your performance, but that is what we focused on in the last blog.

This blog is all about taking Headshots that play to your advantage as an actor!

Headshots are castings' first impression of you & they are often the visual reminder of you once you've left the room, so yes, headshots are important!

Before we dive in, here is some basic housekeeping when it comes to headshots:

  • Yes, some CD's ask for updated selfies over headshots, (that's often because people submit the same headshot every year assuming that their physical appearance doesn't change).

  • Yes, headshots are an INVESTMENT. Headshot photographers are pros, they are here to help you appear as all the possible characters you can play.

  • Yes, headshots should be renewed annually or every other year, OR ideally however often you drastically change your look. (ie Dying hair, shaving your head etc)

Now that we've got that bit out of the way, what you wear in your headshots makes a difference! Why?

Using this grid from the last "The Right Fit" Blog, what characters do you think I was called in for based on what I was wearing?

Headshots are the opportunity to show the range of characters that you can play. Now, it doesn't have to be dramatic (like a full military uniform, if that falls in your type) but you can allude to it with the colors you wear, your hairstyle, and style of the photo!

Based on my photos, you can probably tell I was called in for a lot of "quirky ingenue" types, so even with the headshots that I wanted to look more business professional, I wanted them to still appear "quirky" hence the pink and purple backdrops.

When you are thinking about the types of characters you can play, think about what they wear, you can even do a google search for characters you relate to and their styles! A lot of my inspiration in the past had come from Jess Day in New Girl, so overalls and polkadot dresses were a good fit!

I'll follow up with a third blog in this series on starting to nail down what your headshot types are, but start with this.

- What characters on TV or film do you relate to? Pay attention to what they wear and how you can replicate their wardrobe.

- Getting headshots done with items bought on amazon or goodwill, you can always keep the tag on and return them once your headshots are taken!

- When getting headshots avoid graphics and distracting patterns

-Make sure your hair and makeup fit the character you are trying to portray

-Stock up on some good stapes (ie a polo shirt - great for commercial headshot submissions!)

If you are just getting started, check out my new course, Pitch Packets 101, a whole class that you can take at your own pace!

That's all for now,


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