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Theatre Vs Film Acting

Let's be real, BOTH are excellent and absolutely wonderful in their own ways! I (Kylie) have had the opportunity to do both and here are some key differences that I have learned from both Theatre and Film Acting.

First, let's talk about my first love, theatre.

  1. Theatre Acting is primarily about connecting and impacting the other person with more external energy.

  2. Theatre acting also takes into account how to have an impact externally on the audience, thus creating a relationship between yourself, your other(s) and the audience.

  3. Diction and volume are often of heavier importance here because you are playing to a larger venue than the camera lens.

  4. Your whole physical body is a part of telling the story and body language is a big part of character development since it can be viewed by the audience.

  5. You live out the entire arc of a character every night of the performance.

Now onto... Film Acting

  1. Film Acting is more about what you are feeling inside, and allowing that to show through less large of expressions than theatre. It creates more of an internal energy that you share between yourself, your other and the camera.

  2. While you are still often interacting with another person, it is still a smaller more subtle connection that the relationship between two actors on stage.

  3. Intention is seen more clearly behind your eyes and in your facials than it is on stage.

  4. There is less freedom for movement in your physical body due to being ask to land on a mark for production purposes.

  5. The story is pieced together as you go, so knowing your character's story ahead of time is crucial especially if you are filming only a couple of pages a day.

However, whether you are on stage or screen, there are some things that don't change:

-Knowing how to be present and breathe to keep you grounded and connected.

- Doing your character work and understanding who your character is and their purpose.

- and of course, having fun!

If you are interested in learning about a variety of acting techniques, make sure to check out, Fundamental Acting Techniques!

That is all for now,


KO Consultations

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