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Tips for getting the Agent you want!

Having an agent or a manager can help you get to the next step of your career. However, it is important to remember, bringing an agent onto your team will help you with your goals. You are bringing this person onto your team, not the other way around.

Here are some tips and steps to take when looking for an agent or manager:

1. Book with KO Consultations Agent and Managers session (click to learn more) to learn about managers and the different types of agents that are out there. This series will also help you draft your introduction emails to agents!

2. Know your "type" and portray that type in the email, yes "type" isn't everything, but knowing how to market yourself based on your look, personality and characters that you play is incredibly important!

3. Make sure you have a pitch packet and sample of your work. Good pictures, clearly formatted resumes and samples of your work are key!

4. Send a well constructed email saying who you are, the training you have received and your interest for representation along with the pitch packet.

5. Be prepared to answer questions about who you are as a person and actor and have questions to ask in your agent meetings! To prepare for your agent or manager interview, take our Agent Interview Prep Course (click to learn more)

6. In the Agent and Manager interview, make sure to clearly articulate your goals as an actor and see what kind of business plan the agent or manager can help you create to reach those goals.

Final tip: When it comes to getting an agent, it is a two sided interview. Are they a good fit for your team?

KO Consultations Actor's Read for the Week: The Actor's Life, A Survival Guide by Jenna Fisher

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