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Top 3 Resources for finding new Theatre monologues

Finding monologues that resonate with you, fit your type, ones that can be cut without any time penalties or plot confusion can be a challenging task.

But, here at KO Consultations, we have a few resources that can help!

While your gut instinct may be to search "top male/female/they/them monologues", the truth is most of those results will come up with a collection of things that have been done and seen before. So, let's check out some new avenues.

Top 3 Resources for finding new Theatre monologues

  1. : this free online database includes published plays from popular playwrights including Lauren Gunderson ("I and You") and Qui Nguyen ("She Kills Monsters"). For example if you have an audition for a play by one of those playwrights, research the other plays they have done and find a monologue that plays to your strengths in one of their other plays!

  2. New Play Exchange : This database is about $10-12 dollars a year. But it gives you unlimited access to read and download new plays that you can take monologues from and make your own!

  3. Drama Online : This database is accessible if your school is registered with their online library. But if your school is registered, you have access to exclusive taped performances, thousands of plays ranging from classical to popular, and even teaching resources!

If you are interested in learning more about growing your Theatre Career, Sign up for the KO Consultations Acting for Theatre Course . This course will give you the essentials to have unique, dynamic monologues that casting will love!

That is all for now, see you next time!


KO Consultations

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