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Wanting to feel "well" as an actor this year?

Wellness is beginning to break through the noise of the hustle and bustle lifestyle that is driven into our societal standards.

But what does that mean for an actor and artist? Sure, you still should work hard to do well in auditions and work hard to market, network and learn your craft, but the key is Balance.

(Now, lemme just say I'm not a psychologist or nutritionist but I do make an active effort to do what feels good for my mental and physical wellness)

  1. Drink WATER. (Duh) but seriously, the closer I can drink to a gallon a day or the more often I use Hydration additives like Liquid IV the more energy I have and my mind feels clearer and more focused!

  2. Get outside. Even allowing your bare feet to walk through the grass for 15 minutes can make a huge difference for your cortisol (stress hormone) levels. SOURCE . Personally, I love to go for a walk with a good podcast in the afternoon to regroup and get some air!

  3. Turn off the Noise (and screens). Taking time and space away from your electronics is huge! Opening the phone as soon as you wake up, sets a certain mood to your day based on what you read or see while scrolling, so challenge yourself. Take some time to journal or be still when you first get up and are going to bed instead of scrolling. It will lower your stress and deepen your sleep!

  4. Reading a Book (and flipping the pages). There are some cool benefits listed in this Article, some including better memory and even increased empathy. And as an actor, empathy is so important for you to connect with your characters in the world of the scene.

  5. Eat with Balance. Everyone's dietary needs are going to be different. But take the time to research and understand what is best for you and your body. This will give you more energy, longevity and so much more!

  6. Meditative Breathing: Practicing breathing, it sounds silly to be honest but that is the thing!!! We are so rushed in our day to day lives that we forget to take a minute and connect our breath to our bodies. Taking just 5 minutes a day to breathe will lower your blood pressure, create lymphatic stimulation and so so much more! Imagine taking the time to breathe before an audition, and imagine how much more confident you will feel going in, knowing that your heart is no longer racing and your leg isn't shaking because you just took the time to breathe.

As mentioned above, the key is balance. Now, this may seem like a whole lot.

But I challenge you to try one of these and see how it impacts your practices and auditions as an actor! And I want to hear your results! Email me at and tell me how these practices have impacted you.

Wanna train with me to be a well rounded, aware and empathetic actor? Check out my courses!

That's all for now,


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