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Wow, I am burnt out...

Let's be real, this feeling is real and it happens to EVERYONE at least once. Maybe it's that you have been submitting auditions over and over and never hearing back, maybe you are worried about the finances behind your acting career, maybe it's both!

This is real.

First, acknowledge those feelings and fears, but don't let it consume you. It helps to write them out, maybe in a journal or on a computer doc. That way you can allow all the emotional excess out first.

Second, find a film, book, podcast, etc that inspires you. I find that when I am down or burnt out, it helps to take a step back and regroup for a bit. You are allowed to rest. You are allowed to take a break! You won't be able to get any of the things done that you need to if you are exhausted and burnt out.

Third, create a step by step list of things you control and the things that you want to change. It's important to note what you can and cannot control, because depending on where you are at mentally, you can let go of a few things that are outside your control OR you can regain your POWER by taking ownership of the things you can control. (for example: you may be frustrated you aren't booking jobs, maybe a step for you is to take an acting class or maybe you've wanted to sing but don't know where to start)

Fourth, be present.

Someone once said that Anxiety is triggered by thinking too much about the future and Depression is triggered by thinking to much about the past.

BOTH of these can be a part of your burnout. Being present is hard, and it's a balance. Obviously you have to look ahead, but look ahead with a plan, not with fear. Ways of staying present is finding time to meditate or journal, or even finding a friend who naturally stays present. For me, my husband is the most present person I know, being with him and witnessing his spontaneity or his ability to not worry all the time is something I admire. After all, you are the people you hang out with. Find a community of people who inspire you to be better, in every area of your life.

So friend, I hope this helps with your burnout. Burning out is real and ugly and never fun. Hopefully this tips help you focus and get back on track!

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That's all for now,


Artist read of the week: The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron (perfect for burned out artists)

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