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The Dreamers -> Qualified bundle

Actors Rehearsing
Star Formation

This actor course will take you step by step through EVERYTHING the aspiring actor needs to know to successfully start booking roles. This road map is personalized to the needs of the actor specifically. Here is a little sample of what your course could be! 

This is designed to be a 16 week course. 45 minutes per session with homework in between. Payment plans available.

From Dreamers...
To Qualified


Pitch Packets 101

This section of the series is designed to educate you on the crucial materials that an actor needs to succeed.


Self Tape City

This section of the series is designed to help you build your home studio and learn how to stand out in self tapes.


Material that makes you stand out

Together we will help assemble your actor's binder with your pitch packet items as well as monologues and scenes that make you stand out.


Type and Authenticity

This section of the series is designed to help you identify your strengths as an actor and learn how to market yourself. 


Self Submissions

This section is designed to help actors learn to communicate clearly and professionally with casting department members.


Next steps...

Depending on your goals as an actor, we will branch off into a variety of options: learning fundamental acting techniques, preparing materials for an agent interview, practicing mock auditions in commercial, modeling, television, film etc. 

The opportunities are endless! 

The advice she gives makes plenty of sense when you think about it. I was left feeling more equipped with better clarity on what to do in the current stage of my career. I feel my money and time was spent very wisely.

Jim Beers

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